Justina Beth-El had a passion for writing raw, uncensored lyrics and emotive melodies from an early age. She followed her passion through any musical outlet available to her leading her to launch her professional music career in 2015 as the lead singer, songwriter and arranger for the DC area band, L.A.T.O.


After a variety of successes with L.A.T.O.  in the DC area - performing at The Kennedy Center, winning the Mid-Atlantic Battle of the Bands, touring the east coast, and recording her first album - Justina Beth-El relocated to Los Angeles.  Leaving her band behind, she was forced to pick up her guitar again and return to her roots as a singer/songwriter, ultimately transforming her music into a more open and vulnerable experience.


After performing at some of the most acclaimed venues in the LA area for up-and-coming artists  - The Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, The Mint, and several others - she returned to the DC area to continue making waves in the DC music scene.

One of the most notable elements of Justina Beth-El's performances is how heavily she leans into her audience. She believes that every performance is an intimate conversation with a group of mostly strangers. For that reason,  every performance is a new experience that cannot be replicated and an opportunity to really connect with people in an unconventional way. This is what she lives for, and she invites you to join the conversation. 

"....a Norah Jones with greater range and more substantive depth..."

- J. Sinnenburg, CapitalBop










Past Shows

26 SEP

The 9 Songwriter Series

Union Stage, DC

09 SEP

SoFar Sounds

Silverlake, CA

26 AUG

The Underground Live

Hyland Park, CA

24 JUN

EP Release Party LA

Los Angeles, CA

20 JUN

The Wine Bar

Long Beach, CA

24 MAY

Pearl Street Warehouse

Wash, DC

05 MAY

The Study

Hollywood, CA



Justina Beth-El







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